by Lester P., age 10
5th grade student
Logan Elementary
Fort Worth, Texas

The wind so quiet, so clear

it whispers in my ear.

The wind so cold and freezing

can't keep me from sneezing.

The wind helps us breathe air.

The wind makes people not stare.

The wind picks things up

from off the ground.

Takes things around town.

The wind can go for blocks

down the street.

The wind can save us from the heat.

The wind will sometimes mess with you

Then you'll feel like me...


Introduction:  This poem was written as an assignment for Language Arts.  The students were asked to write a poem that described something.  They could write about anything as long as they provided imagery through word choice.  Lester's poem about the wind makes you feel like you are standing out in the wind with him.  Before sharing Lester's poem, ask children what images come to mind when you say the word, "Wind."  List their responses on chart paper.

Read the poem aloud twice.  The second time you read the poem ask students to chime in at the end and all say, "ACHOOOO!"

Extension:  Tie this poem with a unit on weather.  Invite children to write a weather poem.  Any topic of weather could be used.  (The Sun, Tornadoes, Flooding, Raining Cats & Dogs, Lightening, etc.) Ask them to work with a partner to develop their ideas.  Students create their poems, then conference with the teacher, then revise the poem, then illustrate it.  After all poems are complete, make a class book of poems on weather.

The Wind (2009) was used by permission of the student. 

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