Poems about Transportation

Salas, Laura Purdie. 2009. Always Got My Feet: Poems about Transportation. Mankato, MN: Capstone Press.

Introduction:  Ask students to name some ways we "get around."  For example, we ride in a car or a truck.  We might even take a subway.  See how many different types of transportation kids can name before showing them this book.  Write the students' responses on chart paper.
After students have had the chance to brainstorm kinds of transportation, share the poems and the photos from this book.  Kids are going to love it, and they'll probably learn a thing or two as well.

There are poems about the President's plane, a ferry boat, a skateboard and a camel.  And other poems about a taxi cab, a monster truck and a sailboat.  But there are others that might surprise you.  I have included a few of my favorites below.

From Behind a Window

  L ook at me!
  I n here!
 M oving slowly, watching you
 O ut there.

What kid wouldn't want to take a ride in a limousine?
This is an example of an acrostic poem.  
Students might want to write their own once they have read this poem.

         Night Recipe

      Tangle of highways,
Fast cars, streaking lights.  Mix well.
      Neon Spaghetti

This poem is not complete without the amazing photograph that brings it to life in the book.
The image of "Neon spaghetti" is what I see at night when driving in the city.  This poem is an example of a haiku.  

Always Got My Feet uses colorful photographs and a nonfiction format to introduce poetry and forms of transportation.  The photographs add an element to the poems that is helpful for the reader to understand the poems and the concepts discussed.

I highly recommend you take a look at this book!  
Have fun, and remember you've always "got your feet."  

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