Hiding in the Bathroom, by Kalli Dakos

Introduction:  The first two stanzas of this poem remind me of how teachers feel sometimes like hiding and running away from all the stress of the classroom.  This poem would be good to post in the teacher's lounge/restroom.  Students will also enjoy this light-hearted poem about getting out of the classroom, because we all know the most common request of students when they need a break from the classroom is, "Can I go to the bathroom?"

Hiding in the Bathroom

I'm hiding in the bathroom,
There's no one here to see,
I'm tired of my classroom,
And wish they'd set me free.

Free of all those noisy kids,
Rattling round the room,
And calling me such awful names -
I'll never last till June!

Free of that darn substitute
Who screeches and who yells...
The bathroom is the nicest place 
To sit and wait for bells.

Extension:  After reading this poem a few times, invite students to journal about where else they would want to escape in the school.  Ask students to share their thoughts by reading them aloud if they'd like.  Get students permission to share their writings with other teachers.  
Students might even enjoy writing their own poem using the phrase, "Hiding in the _____"

Dakos, Kalli. 1990. Ill. by Brian Karas. "Hiding in the Bathroom" from If You're Not Here, Please Raise your Hand: Poems about School. New York:  Four Winds Press, p.36.  ISBN 0-02-725581-6

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